Nov 17, 2016

How to give a gift as unique as she is

One cool thing about our Bridal Bells line of engagement rings is how you can take a look at several different settings and get a 360-degree view of them all here at
Of course, in our downtown Grandville showroom you see how a ring looks by trying it on your own finger!
Online or in person, many customers find exactly what they’re looking for in our wide selection of rings. But if what you’re finding just isn’t quite right, we can custom design a ring for you.
“Younger people today really want a ring that says what they want it to say rather than something in a store that has thousands of other rings like it,” says Valerie Isbrecht, one of our jewelers.
“They might like something very similar, but they want to change it in some subtle way. They really want something that is theirs.”
Many people find a ring they like online, but when they try it on their finger they see that it’s not at all what they want. That’s where our half-century of experience and knowledge can help you find or custom design the ring that’s perfect for you.
When you come into Talsma Jewelers, we’ll ask what you’re looking for in design, style and price range – and we’ll walk you through some ideas if you’re not sure! We can show you what’s in stock and look through catalogs to find features that you like, and we can combine those features into your own custom ring through a computer-aided design process.
You might love one ring’s setting but not want the colored gemstone in it, for example, or you might like the diamonds in another ring but not the band. We can custom-design the ring to your satisfaction.
If you already have an idea of what you want – maybe you want to put family heirloom diamonds into a new ring – we can take a hand-drawn sketch and use that to custom design a ring.
We can show you CAD designs of how a ring would look with different bands, different stones and different settings. Once we get the ring looking exactly how you want it and you approve the design, we cast the ring. The process typically takes three to four weeks.
“You can bring in a napkin with a sketch, draw it on a matchbook cover, a sticky note, show me a picture on your phone, whatever you want, and we will turn it into a ring,” Isbrecht says. “You get to see it and you’re part of the process.”
We custom design not only engagement rings, but also necklaces and earrings so you can give a gift of jewelry as unique as the person who’s going to receive it. We can take a set of earrings and a pendant and turn that into a ring, for example, or take a ring and turn that into a necklace.
One recent customer wanted to memorialize her dog, so we made a necklace with a gold paw that has the dog’s name in it and a heart-shaped gemstone. The unique piece holds extra special meaning for the customer because it’s exactly what she wanted to remember her dog.
“We’re doing a lot more customs than we used to do and our custom sales have gone up every year,” Isbrecht says. “It’s what people are looking for.”

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